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과제명: 고효율 전하전달 소재기반 고출력 발전기 개발 및 응용

영문명: Development and application of high performance nanogenerator based on high efficient charge transfer

과제기간: 2017.12.01. ~ 2020.11.30.

주제: Develop the effective kinematic systems such as mechanical energy transfer module for enhancing the input energy usability of triboelectric nanogenerator



과제명: Triboelectric 플렉시블 인장센서의 감도 극대화를 위한 탄성/표면 대전력을 고려한 소재 선정

과제기간: 2017.07.10. ~ 2017.10.10.

주제Development of elastic and surface highly charged materials for flexible and tensile sensor on TENG



과제명: 난반사 방지차선 도료 개발

영문명: Development of diffused reflection prevented paint for road lane

과제기간: 2017.04.17. ~ 2017.08.18.

주제: Develop the high superhydrophobic, diffused reflection-free and self-cleanable paint for road accident prevention



과제명: 고효율?지속가능한 공진설계 기반 정전소자 진동 발전 패키지 개발

영문명: Development of highly efficient and sustainable vibration nanogenerator packages based on resonance designed triboelectric devices

과제기간: 2017.03.01. ~ 2020.02.29.

주제: Develop the triboelectric nanogenerator package for high energy conversion efficiency and sustainability based on material engineering and vibration design



과제명: 나노-마이크로 직물형 유/무기 에너지 소재 및 소자 설계 최적화

영문명: Optimization Design of Textile Organic/Inorganic Energy Materials and Devices in Nano/microscale

과제기간: 2016.09.01. ~ 2019.4.30

주제: Suggest the optimized protocol about design process through suggestion of the method for measuring mechanical and thermal properties of nano/micro fabric type organic/inorganic materials and apply them on energy cell



과제명: 나노표면 기반 전기에너지 생산 기초연구실

영문명: Basic Research Laboratory for Electric Energy Production based on Nanoengineered Surface

과제기간: 2016.06.01. ~ 2019.02.28.

주제: Establish the design protocol for optimal hybrid electrical energy generation system based on the understanding of energy conversion mechanisms on nanoengineered surfaces?

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