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About Lab

About Lab

Nanostructures and Nanomaterials Laboratory

Our Lab was established in 2010 fall as Nanostructures and Nanomaterials Laboratory (NNL) and leading by Prof. Dukhyun Choi (Ph.D in 2006, Postech) who is an expert in nanomechanics, nanoplasmonics, and nanogenerators.

Our group has an interest in nano/microfabrications and a variety of applications of nanostructures and nanomaterials in energy, sensors, and electronics. We also focus on the novel design and the development of hybrid nanocomposite structures for various self-powered electronics and biological systems. Based on our researches, we hope that cheap and effective power sources and sensors could be helpful for low income and developing countries

Research topics include

  • Large area, low-cost nanofabrication
  • Organic/inorganic thin film analysis based on interface control and surface treatment techniques
  • Energy harvesting devices with effective energy conversion system and their hybrid designs
  • Nanoplasmonics: Novel designs of optical systems and color/biological sensors
  • Self-powered monitoring/electronic systems
  • Simulation-based optimal design such as structural and optical design

Join our group

We are looking for passionate graduate, and undergraduate students who are highly interested in nanostructures & nanomaterials and their applications in renewable energy, bioengineering, and flexible nanoelectronics.

  • Major in Mechanical Engineering
  • Major in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Major in Electronics
  • Major in Physics and Chemistry

For anyone interested in positions, send your CV to email addresses

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